You are pregnant!!  Congratulations!!! This is the time in your life you have been waiting for!

Now you don’t need to watch your weight or be careful of what you eat because maternity clothes are loose and you can eat whatever you want!


The more weight you gain, the more you put you and your baby’s health into jeopardy! 

Obstetricians advise a weight gain of approximately 25 pounds for your entire pregnancy. Your baby is forming its body and organs in the first months of your pregnancy and is still very tiny.  At 27 weeks into your pregnancy, it looks like a wrinkled, skinny old man or woman without any of that round baby fat we expect to see.  It is during your last 13 weeks that the baby develops the fat on its body and looks like the newborn we anticipate at birth.  During this time you begin to feel very hungry and notice you are eating a lot more.  This is normal and the weight gain at this time is necessary.

But…if you have already gained 25 pounds, and you are going to add another 10, 15 or more pounds before your baby is born, you could develop serious problems for yourself and your baby. This extra weight puts more strain on your heart and could lead to a dangerous situation called “eclampsia.”   If the stress of pushing the blood through your body and to your baby is too much for your heart, your blood pressure could rise dramatically and the doctor may need to surgically remove the baby to lower your blood pressure.  This will hopefully alleviate the stress on your heart but now your baby is born pre-term, before it is due, and may have serious ailments of its own.


Figuring you will add most of your weight during the last 3 months, or trimester, of your pregnancy, plan on conserving your calories from the beginning.                                        

Remember this formula:    
If you gain:  
  25 pounds during your pregnancy
If your baby weighs:  
 subtract 8 pounds at birth
If Placenta and extra fluids weigh: 
 subtract 3 pounds at birth
You still have:
  14 extra pounds to lose before you can get back into your pretty, pre-maternity clothes!

Recommendation: Watch your calories and don’t let weight put you or your baby’s health into jeopardy!

Good parenting leads to strong, healthy children.

Children grow to become independent, productive people.

Productive people are a vital part of any community!

Children and adults, deaf and hearing, can do anything!